Raise funds for your non-profit organization simply by dining at Applebee’s! Just invite your organization’s members, friends, family, co-workers & neighbors to dine at Applebee’s for a great cause! Your guests present the Dining to Donate flyer, provided by your organization & Applebee’s donates 10% of all guest checks on a specific evening (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday). 

Applebee’s Responsibility

• Review event and set a date with the organization.
• Provide flyers (electronic) for distribution.
• Provide a great experience for your supporters to enjoy!

Organization’s Responsibility

• Distribute flyers to friends, family members…anyone supporting your organization!
• Promote locally through radio, television and newspaper, school readerboards, community newsletters, etc.

Organization Benefit

• A percentage of total purchases from all redeemed flyers on designated night, will be donated back (not applicable to tax, tip and alcoholic beverages).
• Organizations have the potential to raise several hundred dollars with this fundraiser. The key is attendance!


3-4 weeks before event
• Review expectations with General Manager
• Receive electronic flyers from Marketing Manager
• Distribute flyers to friends, family members…anyone supporting your organization!

Event Expectations

On the designated event night, customers from your group will present their flyers to the server when placing their orders.
• Customers need only to present one flyer per guest check.
• As a courtesy to our patrons, flyers may not be distributed on Applebee's premise at any time. This includes but is not limited to the restaurant or parking lot.
• Flyers may not be distributed during the designated event night; please plan accordingly.
• Sit back, relax and enjoy your organization’s Dining to Donate event.
• The more people who attend the Dining to Donate event, the more funds you’ll raise!

Tips for a Successful Event

• Recruit volunteers to pass out flyers in advance of event date.
• Designate a contact person so people interested in supporting your organization may inquire about your event date.
• Utilize radio & newspaper PSA ads with local media partners; be sure to include your organization’s contact information. They need to contact you to receive their special Dining to Donate flyer benefiting your organization.
• All you need to do is promote the event! Distribute the flyers, promote via social media, email, etc.
• Send the flyers to all friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, and organization members.
• Attend and have fun!


• Funds raised during the event will be mailed to organization within 30 days of the event (the check will come from Apple-Metro, Inc.)
• Plan your next fundraising event with Applebee's.