Conduct a Flapjack Fundraiser with Applebee’s during non-business hours (either Saturday or Sunday 8am to 10am, based on restaurant manager approval).

Your organization sells a maximum of 200 tickets & provides volunteers to work at the function; your group will keep a majority of their ticket sales revenue, minus $4 per attendee. You can set the ticket price at whatever you’d like, however we require a 75 ticket minimum and you will be charged a minimum of $300 if your ticket sales fall short of that. Payment will be due on-site. Please note that volunteers will be counted towards the final headcount and you will be charged for their attendance.

Each breakfast consists of pancakes, bacon and a non-alcoholic beverage. If people request a second portion they can receive an additional 2 pancakes and 1 slice of bacon

Applebee’s Responsibility

• Provide flyers and tickets
• Provide kitchen staff, food and beverage

Organization’s Responsibility

• Advertise and promote event
• Sell tickets
• Provide volunteers to greet, seat, serve and clean up after the event (see “Volunteer Matrix” on Page 3)
• Contact restaurant one (1) week prior to event with approximate headcount
• Cancellations are permitted with 48 hour notice
• In the event that the restaurant is not notified of a cancellation/ no one shows up for the scheduled event, WE WILL CHARGE YOUR GROUP $300


• You may set the ticket price at whatever makes sense for your group; your organization will be charged $4 per person attending the day of the event (including volunteers) to assist Applebee’s in covering some costs (75 person or $300 minimum no matter how many tickets are sold).


3-4 weeks before event:
• Review ticket and flyer.
• Determine number of volunteers needed, depending on size of event (consult with manager on volunteer matrix)
• Sell tickets to friends, family members…anyone supporting your organization!

1-2 weeks before event
• Confirm expected attendance with Corporate Office, including volunteers

Morning of Event

Volunteers arrive at 7:30am

Proper dress:
• Pants or shorts (no more than 2 inches above the knee)
• Non-slip shoes
• Moderate jewelry
• Hair – washed and groomed (if longer than collar length, must be tied back)

7:30 a.m.
• Meet manager at front door
• Attend Flapjack Fundraiser training

General Rules

• For safety reasons, no one except volunteers will be allowed in kitchen and none will be allowed behind the cook’s line.
• If you are ill, do not plan to work.
• Food from outside restaurant is not allowed.

Tips for a Successful Event

• Recruit volunteers to pass out tickets in advance of event date.
• Designate a contact person so people interested in supporting your organization may inquire about your event date.
• If used, place posters in high traffic areas; be sure to include your organization’s contact information. They need to contact you to buy their Flapjack Fundraiser ticket benefiting your organization.