Applebee's Harlem - April 5, 2011


I did not have very high expectations for price, value or service. I just decided very randomly to eat at Applebee's because it is so odd/rare to see a chain restaurant in Manhattan, but especially Harlem. I live on the Upper West Side and commute to/from Stamford, CT for work so I use the Metro-North station at 125th Street in Harlem. I was BEYOND surprised at the level of service, the food quality and the price/incredible value. Also, the restaurant was very clean and well maintained and had a really nice, vibrant environment. I will definitely recommend Applebee's to my friends and I've already told quite a few of my GREAT experience. I WILL be back! I would like to say that having the door opened for me by the hostess was just incredible - what a great surprise! As if they were expecting me, I even made a joke about it to the hostess.