Applebee's - Bayside, NY

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With all that is wrong with this world I wanted to drop an email about some good people who don’t even want recognition.

In my restaurant we get a lot of military people due to Fort Totten being so close. On Saturday we had a party of 9 military people having lunch when I was approached by one of my servers, Lindsey, to say the guest at her table would like to speak with me. I proceeded over to the table and the guest graciously wanted to pay for the military tab. She then proceeded to wait till they were done, we processed her credit card which totaled $114 plus left 20% for the server as well. I asked if she would like to say anything to them and she replied with a simple “no” and then asked us not to even tell them until she left. I thanked her for them and then I informed our military people that their tab was picked up and they were utterly shocked and thrown back a bit. It is not the money, I think it is the anonymity of the gesture which touched my heart and I thought I would share it with all of you. The guests name was Annette.

- Sal Zolla
General Manager